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Welcome to Foxtails!

The petz and owner of Nightcry Kennels and Cattery are proud to present it's new reincarnation: Foxtails. Foxtails is a Petz 3+ site run by myself - Moonfox. If you don't know what Petz are, you're in the wrong place. If you came here looking for adoptions, then hopefully you'll find what you're looking for here at Foxtails. Navigation is just below the banner.

Nightcry Kennels and Cattery has been around since 2004, and I thought the old girl needed a facelift and a fresh name. Here at Foxtails, my goal is to provide high quality adoptions with proportioned bodies, selfie eyelids and interesting markings. You'll find a lot of fluffy-tailed kittens for adoption and in my crew - my current favourite trait and the inspiration for the site name.

Our lovely layout was created by exitclosed, with background by spire and a new banner made by me.

Enjoy browsing!

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21st November 2014 2014: New design. Litters coming soon!

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Adoptions at Foxtails are all inbred and tree trimmed unless stated. All eyelids are natural. I'll post regarding markings, tails, etc if you can't see them in the picture. If you want to see grown-up pictures, ask in the comments and I'll post them and keep the pet on hold until you decide. Old litters will be deleted once they're all adopted.

POTL are in bold, adopted are strikethough.

Queries or requests can be posted in the comments, or emailed to: foxtailspetz(at)

Adoption rules:
* Please rename but keep Foxtails' in the prefix.
* No trading, hexing from the file, or putting up for download.
* All PetzA stuff is fine.
* No limit - take as many as you like.
* Post this form below:

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These kittens are all bred from Saskia (above). Saskia was adopted from Shebaatje, and her offspring inherit her grey/white colouring, fox tail and chinchilla ears.

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sas8 - sas38 - sas10 -sas48 - sas15
All of these guys have fox tails, and all have chinchilla ears except for sas10.

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sas11 - sas18 - sas22 - sas34
All of these guys have fox tails and chinchilla ears. Sas11 has hidden patches. Sas22 is a maine coon, but I snuck him in there because he's too cute to leave out.

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My Hexed Files
* All available for bred or hexed trades.
* Check my crew to see what I prefer in bred and hexed pets.
* Customisations as listed.

* Don't put these pets up for download or trade.
* Don't hex from their files.
* PetzA stuff is fine.
* Renaming is fine.

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